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Pulsating ambience

the brighter the picture the darker the negative

Twisted I

I have been on LJ for, um, a long time and I had another account for really early fandoms. I left for a few years and came back for Inception. And it seems my main focus here is writing for different fandoms.
My friends only entries explore experiences on lucid dreaming, nonsense rants and fangirling.

I'd be happy to do a collaboration with fic or art or fill out a prompt.
And please do talk to me, I love meeting new people.

Some pairings I enjoy/have enjoyed/written about:
Arthur/EamesAnything Cobb is involved inSaito/Bitch-please
♣ Any pair from this because Best casting ever.

Bruce/Selina Blake/BaneAnything Jim Gordon is involved in
Murphy/Connor(The Boondock Saints) Michael/Sucre(Prison Break)Glenn/Daryl(TWD)
Jam (The Office)Bruce/Tony(The Avengers) Max/Alec(Dark Angel)
BangHim(B.A.P -OT6tho)Taohun(EXO)

Oldies -
Blair/Chuck (Chate is the only endgame though)(Gossip Girl)
Brian/Justin (QAF)
Michael/Maria (Roswell)
Summer/Seth (OC)
Random bandoms that I don't need to mention here

thank you for stopping by :)